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Polo Projects´ executive team is unique, having held senior management positions in established companies, major financial and design firms, and start-up ventures. From their extensive experience in emerging enterprises, IBG’s directors have been made keenly aware of the need for effective management on several fronts.

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The Synergy generated between the Shareholders as created a truly unique partnership when two minds with mutual cooperation and respect share a desire to achieve the unthinkable.

The interaction is remarkable; the excitement of the powerful energy generated, and their appetite, are unstoppable.

Their Perfectionism to reaching new boundaries to create a Difference and to go to any lengths to ensure the VISION becomes REALITY.


Elisa Hernández has more than 30 years of successful entrepreneurial experience, especially in emerging markets where she has founded and ran several companies.

She has held multiple roles as either President, Chief Executive Officer, or Chairman of the Board for numerous companies worldwide, mainly focused to Real Estate & Construction, Project Development, Asset Management, International Banking & Investment.


She is a business creator, this is what she really loves to do (her hobby) To design, structure and to make real profitable business of every kind, striving always to go beyond.

She is senior shareholder of Polo Projects.


Elisa Hernández

Roger Pass is the Design Director of Polo Projects. He is an Interior Architect | Designer born in Sheffield South Yorkshire (England)

He attended the Chesterfield College of Art & Design and was Awarded Distinction by the College and obtained the S.I.A.D. The Chartered Society of Designers (Royal Charter)


After leaving College he worked for several Architectural Practices in UK. After being introduced to the late DAVID HICKS in London (Royal Families Interior Designer who was married to Lady Pamela Mountbatten) it encouraged Roger to go beyond in his career.

After undertaking several exciting commissions in England, Isle of Man, Jersey and also including Private Residences in Saudi Arabia, Pass was then Commissioned by Lonrho Kenya, East Africa to refurbish the famous Mt Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki Kenya.


In 2000, Pass moved to Dubai UAE to work for H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of UAE)

He was specially selected and assigned for a Royal Family project for H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nahyan (Owner of Man City FC) to refurbish a property in Cambridge Gate Regents Park, a Grade 2 listed building in London (UK)

He is shareholder of Polo Projects.


Roger Pass

David Grantham has over 40 years post qualification experience in the Construction Industry, particularly in East Africa. His specialty is feasibility studies, pre-contract methodology for alternative construction procurement, contract financial management and contractual matters. Involvement in projects in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Egypt, UAE, Ethiopia, Mauritius, and the United Kingdom.


David J. Grantham

Andrew Ward has over 40 years post qualification experience in the Construction Industry, particularly in East Africa, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. His specialty is civil, structural design and construction supervision of industrial projects, investigations into and reporting on the effects of super loads on existing road structures, and project and construction management.


Andrew Ward

“You can see what man-made from the seat of an automobile, but the best way to see what God made is from the back of a horse.”

Charles M. Russell (American artist)

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