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“If I paint a wild horse, you might not see the horse... but surely you will see the wildness!”

Pablo Picasso.

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This is how Roger Pass understands life. He represents the core of IBGdesign; after having worked with Multi Cultural Nationalities over the last 35 years and in taking a collaborative approach to his appointments and commissions, here you have a true Seasoned and Experienced Design Mentor with Strong Professional Ethics

Roger Pass is an Interior Architect | Designer born in Sheffield South Yorkshire (England)

He attended the Chesterfield College of Art & Design and was Awarded Distinction by the College and obtained the S.I.A.D. The Chartered Society of Designers (Royal Charter)

IBGdesign is a truly focused and energetic Design Practice with an endless appetite and genuine desire to create a difference.

Every Project is meticulously handled & delicately conceptualized through to and ensuring the Dream becomes a Remarkable & Unique Reality

Impeccable attention to detail is reflected throughout the Design & Procurement and Installation Process.

Each Location is thoroughly researched ensuring that Local & Cultural esthetics is explored and incorporated. Whilst taking particular attention to Sustainability and the Environment Nature and Local Wildlife is always vitally paramount.


The IBGdesign philosophy is to never ignore Nature and especially with Horses these incredible and highly intelligent creatures never forget so ‘inspiration’ is often achieved from the location of each destination including the breed of the horse.

The Majestic Interior & Exterior Architectural Elements are emulated within the manicured landscapes - courtyard settings and water features.

Unparalleled Equestrian Billionaire Lifestyles Created & Scrupulously defined for the…

Billionaire CLUB REVISED 8.jpg

“Game of Kings “

We create Equestrian Communities Tranquil & Peaceful Idyllic Settings that every Horse Lover longs for - early morning cantors a lengthy Gallop in the fresh and wide-open air connecting with your Horse and with nature within walking distance of your own Paddock and Stables.

As a Multi-disciplined Design Practice IBGdesign handle every conceivable design aspect both from the Exterior Appearance of the Architectural Elements to within every Interior Space of the Public & Guest Areas.

Ensuring the Design Synergy is maintained throughout

Crucial Landscape Architectural Design elements completes the third and vitally important Discipline handled in-house by the dedicated and passionate qualified team in IBGdesign.

Our IBGdesign Equestrian Brand Developments leave behind a Dynasty Signature…

P O L O & E Q U E S T R I A N 


Equestrian themed Boutique Hotel & Clubhouse

Eco Lodge Equestrian Resorts & Lodges

Residential Equestrian Paddock Community Estates

Equestrian collection – Interior Design Furnishings

Equest Couture Fashion Outlets


“I call horses ‘divine mirrors’ - they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that.”

Dr. Allan Hamilton (World-renowned horse whisperer and trainer)

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