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Welcome to Polo Projects.


This is not only about Polo, but certainly our Polo Projects & Developments are the channeler where you will find the finest design, by IBGdesign, in conjunction with the most reliable funding partners, provided by IBGroup, to make possible the safest investment opportunity thank to our well experienced team of Engineers, Designers and Financiers who have perfectioned their skills over 30 years worldwide in every area.


We are a Design-Led Company with no boundaries.

No boxes to tick…

We have an endless appetite & desire to create a difference.

Fully focused & energetic.


POLO PROJECTS IBGdesign is passionate about horses and dedicated to Equine Design.

Our Design-Led Integrated Multi - Disciplined Company provides a turnkey Architectural Design & Interior Design.

Project Management, Quantity Surveying & Financial Investment Service.


IBGdesign provides comprehensive planning field investigation with prime consideration to the environment and local wildlife laying a fundamental successful and sustainable Design & Eco-Friendly approach.

Ensuring continuity of POLO PROJECTS IBGdesign team is vital, since is fully experienced and knowledgeable in large Equine Projects | Residential & Hospitality Contracts that are built through a phased development.

From the initial design conceptual stage through to design development feasibility and site construction. Together with the most reliable funding partners provided by IBGGroup to make possible the safest investment opportunity.

“I can make a General in five minutes, but a good horse is hard to replace.”

Abraham Lincoln

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